Guided tour

Follow the guided historical tour of Flakfortet and hear about the island's history and changing usage to this day.

See the old gun positions, the deck mill that protects the Flak Fort from disappearing into the sea.

Maybe we meet the island's ghost of the island Helmut, who was left by the Germans when they left Flakfort in May 1945.

Price: DDK 70, - VAT-free amount per pers, Adult
(min. 8 pers)

Price: DKK 45, - VAT-free amount per pers, Youth (8-14 years)
(adult only)

Duration: 1 - 1 1/2 hours

Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt will be a great start to an unforgettable day at Flakfort with colleagues or in the company of good friends and family.

After a brief introduction, you will be provided with maps, compass, lanterns and other remedies, after which you will, in smaller groups, go in search of the records to find clues to where the treasure is stored and how the treasure chest is opened.

The posts are located in different places on the fort, both up and down, inside and outside, so you have ample opportunity to experience the entire fort.

The treasure hunt is a good combination of cozy get-togethers, competition and round the island.

Price: DKK 225, - inc. VAT per pers, Adult
(min. 8 pers)

Price: DKK 150, - inc. VAT per pers, Youth (8-14 years)
(min. 12 pers)

Price: DKK 100, - inc. VAT per pers, Children (3-7 years)
(adult only)

Duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Island challenge

Find the fighting spirit and challenge your opponents! The flak fort's many casemates and cannon exhibits can be the starting point for the ultimate island blast.

Our staff of instructors has tackled a number of different challenges inside and out of the island, where teams of up to 10 people compete and compete against each other.

To win it requires using both head and body. Equally, your creativity and collaboration can be decisive for who gets the most points and thus runs with the final victory.

Price: DKK 445, - inc. VAT per pers, Adult
(min. 8 pers)

Price: DKK 300, - inc. VAT per pers, Youth (8-14 years)
(min. 12 pers)

Duration: 2-3 hours