The Flakfort Marina

The Flakfort marina is now open for most of European countries to stay in our harbour again. Also swedes from Skåne and Blekinge are welcome now.

Experience the historic fort with arrival in your own boat

At Flakfortet there is the opportunity as a sailor and to build the island’s marina for a short stay. It is possible on your own to experience the historic fort, enjoy the green nature of the island and the fresh air.
There are 200 boats in the harbor and all are welcome. Port fees are charged for any port of call, regardless of length of stay.
The port fee is paid at the island’s port office within the last 20 min. after arrival!

Prices 2020

Day call, – departure no later than 7 pm. The same day

0 – 12m.DKK 100,- (SEK 150,-)
12m.-16m.DKK 130,- (SEK 200,-)
+16m.DKK 200,- (SEK 300,-)

Arrival with overnight stay, – departure no later than 2 pm. 12.00 the following day

0 – 12m.DKK 200,- (SEK 300,-)
12m.-16m.DKK 250,- (SEK 350,-)
+16m.DKK 400,- (SEK 600,-)

Season ticket

0 – 12m.DKK 1.200,- (SEK 1.700,-)
12m.-16m.DKK 1.400,- (SEK 1.950,-)

max 3 amp DKR 50,- (SEK 75,-) Charter of call:
Ports of charter boat etc. yacht with +6 people: DKR 25, – per. pers.
Overnight charter boat: DKR 200, – for the boat + DKR 25, – per boat. pers.